In Hollywood terminology, a SEAT FILLER is someone who fills the empty seat at an award show. This podcast is the lovechild of Brett Halverson and Adam Hlava, two friends who love movies and have bantered on all things Oscars for many years. Throughout the year we discuss all manners of topics relating to the Academy Awards, from a historic perspective leading all the way to the big show. If the question needs to be asked, “Who should have won best costume design in 2006?” rest assured we will answer it.


Brett Halverson, Co-Host  @bjhalverson

The Felix to Adam’s Oscar, Brett is a native Minnesotan who spent his childhood winters watching movies in a local theatre or on the family couch.  After attending both undergrad and graduate school at the University of Wisconsin, he settled in Madison, WI and continues to spend most winters watching and talking about movies. If you asked, Brett would have a hard time telling you which was a bigger travesty - Bill Murray not winning Best Actor in 2004 or The Social Network losing Best Picture in 2011. Both broke his heart.

Adam Hlava, Co-Host  @AdamHlava

The Tango to Brett’s Cash, Wisconsin-native Adam Hlava is a non-profit professional living in Washington, DC. A member of the Washington DC Film Society, he frequently attends advanced screenings of films in the DC area, is a long-time cinefile and first time podcaster. Adam might remind you that Cloud Atlas was one of the greatest and most misunderstood films in the past several years, in which case it’s best to just nod and agree.

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