Welcome to the Seat Fillers

A Note from Adam:

Ever since I was a young boy I’ve dreamed of having the opportunity to banter about movies in front of an audience, and I’m thrilled it finally came true! Honestly though, I’m excited to launch The Seat Fillers with my good buddy Brett. We’ve long bantered about movies and the Oscars, and so it made sense to craft it into the form of a podcast.

Four years ago Brett and I began the grueling challenge that’s come to be known as the Oscars Showdown, and I’m happy that we’re now able to open the trial to those who dare accept the challenge. What started with a simple gentlemen's bet (would The Artist or The Descendants win the 2011 Oscar for Best Picture) grew into an annual test of skill: correctly picking the winners of each Oscar category. It’s a challenge poised to become a global sensation.

Thanks for checking out our site. I hope you enjoy the show!

A Note from Brett

Ah, the Oscars, that annual celebration of the glitz and glamour that is Hollywood.  But more than that, it's Academy voters’ annual chance to screw things up - and screw it up they often do! And sometimes don’t, to be fair.

Anyway, Adam and I liked guessing and talking about those screwups so much, that we decided to start a podcast about it.  We’ll talk about movies, TV,  and what kind of hang John Goodman would be.  But mostly, we’ll talk Oscars - past, present, future. If you like film, care passionately about the probably meaningless votes of a group of people who don’t look like most of America, or are just curious what exactly a Seat Filler is, then this is the podcast for you!

Really, though, we love this stuff, and we hope you do too!