The Emmys Showdown™ Results

We here at The Seat Fillers like a good contest - whether it's a single award show or an entire season, we like to see and talk about winners and losers. And as we've written about before, our annual Oscars Showdown™ was the nexus for the existence of our site and podcast.  

As fans of the podcast also know, we're not just movie fans but pretty big TV watchers, too. While we haven't followed the Emmys too closely before, we love TV and the idea of a new awards show prediction contest was too good to pass up. And so was born the new, but hopefully annual Emmys Showdown™! 

And much like all kinds of "first times", this one didn't go so well! We finished tied with 11 correct apiece, out of 27 total awards, for an abysmal 41% correct. This isn't baseball and by our measure, below half right is not good. While there were some bright spots and the "big" awards were mostly predicted, there is a lot of room for improvement between now and next year's ceremony.

The final bracket is below.  Did you play along? How'd your picks turn out? Let us know by tweeting to us @TheSeatFillers!